What was your inspiration for writing American Princess?

I’ve studied many women from ancient history, be they Egyptian pharaohs or Byzantine empresses, but it wasn’t until I had my daughter that I became fully introduced to the hellion that was Alice Roosevelt. While escorting a group of high school students to Washington D.C., I stumbled upon the picture book Mind Your Manners, Alice Roosevelt. I was shocked that no one had yet written a novel about her! (Of course, I purchased a copy for my daughter, who is now twelve and has firm plans to become the first female president of the United States.) Daughter to one president and cousin to another, wife of a congressman and mistress to a senator, this story of a woman who had such access to Washington’s elite begged to be told.

Do you do a lot of research to write your books?

Yes, so much research! In addition to reading all the non-fiction books listed in the back of American Princess, I spent time in New York and Washington, DC, and  was also able to visit the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site in New York City, where they have on display the very shirt T. R. was wearing when he was shot in 1912.

Also, you can imagine my glee when I discovered that a large collection of Alice’s papers are now housed in the Library of Congress. It was surreal—and I got a little teary‐eyed—to thumb through diaries she’d written as a young woman. I still can’t believe that all it took was a library card and I was allowed to touch—with bare hands—letters written by Alice, her father, and cousin Eleanor. Many of those sites and sources made it into American Princess!


Do you visit with book clubs?

Absolutely! Due to time constraints and the fact that I love in Alaska, I mostly do virtual book club visits via Skype. If you’d like to arrange for a visit, please feel free to contact me. And don’t forget to download the American Princess Book Club Kit from my Book Club page!