The Conqueror’s Wife

The Conqueror’s Wife

Genre: Historical Fiction
ISBN: 9780451472007

A novel from the acclaimed author of The Tiger Queens, for readers
looking for “strong and determined female protagonists” (Historical
Novel Society) and “a sprawling historical saga” (Renee Rosen)…

We are the women who loved Alexander the Great.  We were lovers and murderers, innocents and soldiers.
And without us, Alexander would have been only a man.
Instead he was a god.

B.C.E., Greece: Alexander, a handsome young warrior of Macedon, begins
his quest to conquer the ancient world. But he cannot ascend to power,
and keep it, without the women who help to shape his destiny.

His spirited younger half-sister, Thessalonike, yearns to join her brother and see the world. Instead, it is Alexander’s boyhood companion who
rides with him into war while Thessalonike remains behind. Far away,
crafty princess Drypetis will not stand idly by as Alexander topples her
father from Persia’s throne. And after Alexander conquers her tiny
kingdom, Roxana, the beautiful and cunning daughter of a minor noble,
wins Alexander’s heart…and will commit any crime to secure her place at
his side.

Within a few short years, Alexander controls an empire
more vast than the civilized world has ever known. But his victories are
tarnished by losses on the battlefield and treachery among his inner
circle. And long after Alexander is gone, the women who are his
champions, wives, and enemies will fight to claim his legacy…

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About the Book

Praise for The Conqueror’s Wife:
“Through the eyes of the fascinating and fierce women in Alexander’s
life, Thornton enchants the reader with a fresh new look at an ancient
hero. Her accessible and energetic writing brings the ancient world to
life while giving voice to the voiceless in this vivid tale of the women
in the shadow of Alexander’s glory. What a talent!”—Stephanie Dray,
bestselling author of Lily on the Nile

Thornton boldly goes where other historical novelists might fear to
tread. In her recounting of Alexander the Great’s epic quest of
conquest, as told through the eyes of the shrewd, ambitious and
dangerous women surrounding him, she brings to life the treachery,
glory, and intrigue of a fascinating ancient world.”—C.W. Gortner,
bestselling author of Mademoiselle Chanel

“A conqueror
slices through the ancient world on pages that writhe with ambition and
danger, yet the reader is swept in by unexpected heroines. This gritty
epic is voiced by the tenacious women who surrounded Alexander the
Great, proving he would’ve been nothing of the sort without them.”—Marci
Jefferson, author of Girl on the Golden Coin

“Thornton provides a fresh look at Alexander and those closest to him, with excellent historical detail, thrilling battle scenes, murderous intrigues, and touches of romance. She sets her story firmly in the era of ancient Greece and Persia, with all its wealth and splendor, cruelty and violence, and the ever-present horror of constant warfare across vast expanses of territory. She deftly weaves her myriad plot lines together and juggles her enormous cast of characters with a vibrant and well-paced narrative, interspersed with plenty of action, and laced with wit and humor. I found her characters, with their various back stories, relationships, and motivations, to be sharply drawn, intensely human, and realistic. Even such minor figures as Bagoas, Queen Sisygambis, Cynnane, and Barsine are given distinctive voices – but in the end, it is Alexander who is the shining star, and everyone else is just a supporting player. I found this every bit as entertaining as any of Mary Renault’s acclaimed novels about Alexander.” –Historical Novel Society

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