The Secret History

The Secret History

Genre: Historical Fiction
ISBN: 9780451417787

Where Theodora went, trouble followed….

In sixth-century Constantinople, one woman, Theodora, defied every convention and all the odds and rose from common theater tart to empress of a great kingdom, the most powerful woman the Roman Empire would ever know. The woman whose image was later immortalized in glittering mosaic was a scrappy, clever, conniving, flesh-and-blood woman full of sensuality and spirit whose real story is as surprising as any ever told….

After her father dies suddenly, Theodora and her sisters face starvation and a life on the streets. Determined to survive, Theodora makes a living any way she can—first on her back with every man who will have her, then on the stage in a scandalous dramatization of her own invention. When her daring performance grants her a backdoor entry into the halls of power, she seizes the chance to win a wealthy protector—only to face heartbreak and betrayal.

Ever resilient, Theodora rises above such trials and, by a twist of fate, meets her most passionate admirer yet: the emperor’s nephew. She thrives as his confidant and courtesan, but many challenges lie ahead. For one day this man will hand her a crown. And all the empire will wonder—is she bold enough, shrewd enough, and strong enough to keep it?


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About the Book

“A fascinating and vivid account; the life of Empress Theodora leaps from the page, as colorful and complex as the woman herself.”–Michelle Diener, author of The Emperor’s Conspiracy

“If there is one book you choose to read on ancient times, let it be The Secret History.” –Historical Novel Society 

“Thornton’s well-conceived and engrossing tale exalts a historical figure of “true grit.”“–Library Journal Review

“I really love that the book includes not only a note from the author about Theodora, but also a Reader’s Guide so it is ready for any book club to use!” –Night Owl Reviews

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