Yay! Yesterday I reached 100 followers!

*breaks out in an Egyptian happy dance*

I’m pretty darn thrilled there’s 100 people interested in my ramblings on ancient Egypt and writing. I had a post planned for today, but I’m going to save it for later (code for I want to do more research before I post factual inaccuracies Zahi Hawass* will call me on after HATSHEPSUT is published and he reads my blog archives) and do a little round of 20 Questions. Or really however many questions you all want to post.

So here’s your golden opportunity to ask me anything your heart desires. Then next week I’ll do my best to answer them.

Have a super fantabulous weekend!


*Hawass is only the super coolest Egyptologist on the face of the planet. One day he’s going to give me a private tour of Hatshepsut and Senenmut’s tombs. He just doesn’t know it yet.