I have a thing with fortune cookies. I rarely eat Chinese food and when I do, I like to think my fortune cookies will come true. And really, wouldn’t it just be wrong for a fortune wrapped in sugary goodness to not come true?

So last week I got another one- I think that makes three this year.

You will find your horizons suddenly broadened.

Hmmm… In the short-term, I’m getting some killer suggestions from beta readers, definitely broadening my horizons. In the long-term…

Well, I think getting an agent and having HATSHEPSUT published would broaden my horizons, don’t you? Sometimes I set goals half-heartedly, knowing they’re not going to pan out and yet, not really caring. This is probably the first long-term goal that I know I’m going to meet despite the astronomical odds the universe has stacked against me. It’s going to be a brutal year as I survive rejection after rejection, but I just have this feeling that by this time next year I’m going to have an agent. And hopefully a book deal.

What about you? Where will you be this time next year?