I am still editing.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a chapter I wrote a couple months ago, flying by the seat of my pants, is actually really good. It adds some serious tension to the plot- always a good thing. All excited by that extra boon, I was then dismayed to find that the sequencing is a little out of order as I’m going to end up cutting almost an entire chapter here soon. That’s going to take some major re-working to get right.

And as school will shortly be upon me (I’m trying to ignore that fact), I started thinking about how many times I’m going to end up reading my manuscript from beginning to end. In high school and college I usually wrote a paper, proofed it once for mechanics, and called it good. When posting at Panhistoria I usually proof a post three or four times before hitting the post button. But there’s one scene in my book that I’ve already edited at least ten times, tweaking it as the rest of the story develops. I just have a feeling that I’ll end up reading through the whole manuscript at least four times- once to write it, once to edit for plot, another time to read it aloud for mechanics, and a final time to make sure it’s as shiny as I can get it.

So, how many times do you edit your work?