In honor of my initiation into the world of querying (and the fact that I always liked those guess-how-many-jellybeans-are-in-the-jar competitions), I’m having my first-ever contest!

What do you need to do? Simply guess how many queries I’ll have to send out before I land my dream agent. This will be the one and only post about my querying even once I’ve found my agent- no updates! Here’s the rule run-down:

1. Be a follower of this blog. (Yes, this is shameless self-promotion.)

2. Guess a number in the comments of this post.

3. Want a second guess? Advertise on your blog or Twitter about the contest and enter a second guess in the comments of this post.

4. The fine print! In the event of duplicate guesses, the first guess will given priority. If no one guesses the exact number I will take the closest guess without going over (in homage to The Price is Right). The winner will be emailed to let them know they had the closest guess- I promise to be honest, but I’m not going to post the actual number it took.

Now the fun stuff! What do you win? I decided I couldn’t decide on a prize so I’m going to offer the winner a choice of the following:

1. A $20 Amazon gift card
2. A stack of books. On the list right now are Evermore and Blue Moon by Alyson Noel and Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell.
3. A query critique
4. A partial MS critique (50 pages or so)

Heck, when I get that call I’ll probably be so excited I’ll give away all four to the winner! So pick a number, any number! And don’t worry about hurting my feelings with the high numbers- this is a tough market. But I intend to crack it!

Good luck!

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