MattDel had a pretty nifty blog post today about positive waves and what makes him happy. I’m all about sending out happy vibes so I thought I’d post what makes me happy, in no particular order.

1. Sunshine. The days are getting shorter and Alaska is about to plunge into really, realllllllly long days of very little sunlight. But on Monday we had a gloriously sunny day- a last gasp of a beautiful summer. It made me happy.

2. Chocolate covered pretzels and a glass of red wine. Preferably a zinfandel that’s so dark it’s basically black in the glass. Yum.

3. A good book. Right now I’m reading three! (More about that later.)

4. My husband and daughter. Together we are the trifecta of goofiness. I’m sure today I’ll be treated to multiple impromptu renditions of The Lion King or Cinderella when I get home. And some cuddles. Cuddles are good.

Spread the happiness! What could you have right now that would make you happy?