This afternoon is going to be pretty exciting.

After work I’m going to Kinko’s to pick up my printed and bound WIP. *squeals* There’s just something about holding that pile of paper in your hands and looking at all those paragraphs you wrote that’s kind of breathtaking. It’s not as cool as holding my daughter for the first time, but it’s still pretty nifty to touch something you’ve created. I’ve agonized over every word on those pages and killed many of my darlings, but today I get to hold it. That’s pretty freaking awesome.

And then I get to hand them out to my beta readers. *holds breath* I want them to be critical and I want a lot of feedback on what works and what doesn’t. But I also want them to like it. Tell me what’s wrong, but tell me that after another couple revisions it’s publishable.

So while they’re reading I get to let the story cure. I need a time out from Hatshepsut. I love her, but she’s all I think about at night when I’m trying to sleep. It’s getting a little weird. 🙂

So over the next six weeks I’ll be starting a new project and shining up my query. Hurray!