So one of my goals in life it to turn my daughter into a total nerd. Okay, maybe not a Star-Trek-toting, head-gear-wearing nerd (yes, that describes me in school), but at least a nerd. Reason? High school may suck for the dorks, but they’re the ones who are successful in school and do well once they graduate.

So I’ve been teaching the three-year-old monkey to read. And she’s doing a pretty darn good job. She’s got a sentence she reads every night before bed and we work on words every day. She’s also well on her way to Dork-dom because she likes to turn everything into a song. It’s like living in a Broadway musical.

Here was the song she was singing in the bath tub tonight:

I really love to spell,
I really love to spell,

And the munchkin just doesn’t see the irony. We’ll have to work on that one.