I run. I hike. I spin.

And, sadistic fool that I am, I love all three.


Halfway through the run, midway up the mountain, or halfway through the routine with the bass pounding in my ears, I always want to do the same thing.


But I don’t.

(Okay, that’s a lie. Sometimes I do. But not very often.)

Instead, I keep going. One wretched tree, one blasted hill, one far-too-peppy song. And then I get to the end.

And then I am happy.

(And eat large bowls of peanut butter chocolate ice cream to celebrate. Don’t judge.)

I don’t know where you are on your writer journey, but I’m 70 pages from the end of a revision-from-Hades. The end is near, but it’s still so dang far there’s no peanut butter chocolate ice cream in sight.

(And that makes me cranky).

But I will keep going. One odious* word at a time.

And then I plan to celebrate with an extra large bowl of peanut butter chocolate ice cream. With extra Reese’s.

What about you? How’s the world of writing treating you these days? I wish you all plenty of easy pages and giant bowls of ice cream!


*I just really wanted to use odious in a sentence today. Ha!