A while back I was talking to a friend about how it would be kind of nifty to have a soundtrack to go along with my novel. Those so inclined could tune into what I had been listening to as I wrote a scene, maybe add another dimension to the story. I’m a big music person and there are certain scenes in HATSHEPSUT that morphed as a direct result of what I was listening to at the time.

And really, how cool is it to be able to listen to Yo-Yo Ma while running through the Valley of the Kings?

Now there’s certain songs I listen to that instantly remind me of what Hatshepsut was doing as I wrote. Kind of weird, but it works for me. And really I’m helping HBO out so that when they turn the novel into a miniseries they won’t have to search far to find the soundtrack. (Just humor me here…)

I don’t own a Kindle and don’t read books on my iPhone so I’m wondering if this is something that’s maybe already out there. I swear I’ve been bugged in the past and some of my greatest ideas have been stolen. (Oops All Crunchberries? I pegged that years before it came out.) Do any of you e-reader people out there know?