Like so many, I have no words to express my sorrow at Friday’s tragedy in Connecticut. I read the stories and stare at pictures of angelic faces through bleary eyes, and ask, “Why?”

There are no answers. Instead, there are only families bereft as the holidays approach. I cannot fathom their pain, and wish it was possible to turn back time, to give them another day, even another hour with the loved ones they have lost.

Shelli Johannes Welles and Miral Sattar have organized a week-long auction at Publishing Hearts Connecticut to help the families and victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. A variety of agents, editors, and authors have donated an impressive list of books, critiques, cover art, and much more to raise money for the Newtown Youth & Family Services. 

I’m donating a 50 page manuscript critique and an ARC of The Secret History: A Novel of Empress Theodora. 

There’s so little we can do, except to send our thoughts and prayers to those grieving families, hug our loved ones a little tighter, and appreciate the precious moments of everyday life. 

Live and love. After all, those are really the only things that matter.