I like squirrels. So sue me.

These little guys seem to be doing a good job of something, be it slicing each other into squirrel ribbons or making people at the part stop and giggle. Either way, I don’t care. They’re cute.

All of us do something really well when we write. If we didn’t we would have stopped a long time ago. If we wrote complete and total garbage not even our mothers would be able to ooh and ahh over our brilliance. Okay, well, maybe they would, but you get the point.

One of my stronger points is being able to integrate a lot of historical research into a novel without bogging the story down. (Never, ever read my first drafts unless you want a three page description of a tomb. Yawn.) I don’t think I could ever write anything other than historical fiction- I just love it too much. I’d rather do all that research than try to create a whole new world.

Today I challenge you to get out there and write. Do what you can well and work your tail off to improve on the rest. I’ll leave you with a Star Wars quote, just because I can.