I wanted to post a picture of New Kids on the Block, but thought that would date me. Yeah, I used to have high top sneaker-slippers with the band emblazoned on the side. And they were neon pink and green.

I might have been a nerd. But you already knew that!

So, back to the point of this post: there’s a new agent blog in town! You’ve probably already heard about Mark McVeigh’s new blog, but if you haven’t head on over. I’m pretty excited- it’s always nice to have another agent’s opinion on everything publishing-worthy.

Plus, McVeigh is offering a nifty deal for new blog followers before the big unveiling. I’d love to win a 15 minute phone call with him so if you follow his blog because of this post please let me know. It’s good karma!

Have a super fabulous weekend, everyone!