I’ve been hoarding awards like a pirate hoards his treasure (that simile is compliments of my three-year-old daughter who recently discovered pirates are really cool). So it’s time to pass some on!

First up we have the Butterfly Award, bestowed upon yours truly by Shannon O’Donnell. I love butterflies so I thought this was pretty cool! It’s meant to be shared with the coolest blogs I’ve found so I’m passing this along to:

Libbie Hawker because she writes about Hatshepsut too!
Lola Sharp @ Sharp Pen/Dull Sword is always fun and is about to reach 100 followers!
Cynthia Reese has a blog I’ve just discovered, but the letter from the Easter Bunny she just posted is priceless!
Josin @ My Bloggish Blog Thing is pretty darn hilarious!

Next up is the Prolific Blogger Award, given to me by Roni @ Fiction Groupie.

Lindsey @ Dangerous With a Pen: She’s a teacher, mommy, and writer too!
Shannon O’Donnell is pretty much just an amazing blogger. And talk about prolific- holy cow!
Jemi Fraser maintains a great blog and I see her comments EVERYWHERE! She’s amazing!

Ahoy! Finally, we have the Treasure Award, also gifted to me by Shannon O’Donnell. I’m passing this one along to great blogs that I just adore.

LiLa @ Lisa & Laura Write simply because their blog never fails to make me laugh. I can’t wait for their book to come out!
Julie Dao @ Silver Lining because I’ve always enjoyed her lovely blog.
Elana Johnson is amazing. I know you all know her blog, but it always leaves me with that warm, fuzzy feeling. She deserves another award, darn it!

Okay, I actually have more awards, but it’s time to put the munchkin to bed so that will have to do it for this round. Enjoy shopping some new blogs!