I don’t normally do book reviews, but I waited months to read Gary Corby’s debut novel, The Pericles Commission and it was FABULOUS! I devoured it as fast as I could- definitely a five star read!

Here’s the scoop:

A dead man fell from the sky…

From the first line, The Pericles Commission is a riveting look at Ancient Greece as seen through the eyes of Nicolaos, older brother of Socrates and private investigator for the politician Pericles. The backdrop of Ancient Greece is a unique setting in which Nicolaos must investigate the brutal murder of Ephialtes, the father of democracy.

Nicolaos is a humorous narrator who doggedly pursues his case, even as it threatens his own life. Of course, no sleuth would be complete without a sidekick and Nicolaos finds one with the witty (and sometimes snarky) Diotima, priestess of Artemis. In a time when Greek women were typically locked away, Diotima keeps Nicolaos (and much of Athens) on their toes.

Snippets of intriguing Greek history are interwoven throughout the novel, akin to the style of Lindsey Davis’ fantastic Falco series. This was a great trek through Ancient Greece, one highly recommended for all mystery lovers and fans of historical fiction. Bravo!


There’s a contest starting Monday for The Pericles Commission- stay tuned for more details!