I’m not going to lie. I love writing queries. I love queries as much as I hate writing a synopsis and that’s about as much as I hate getting shots.

(Okay, I pass out when I get shots so maybe that’s not accurate, but whatever. You get the point.)

One of the discussions I went to at last weekend’s Alaska Writer’s Guild Conference was Janet Reid’s query workshop.

Janet had us write queries off the cuff. Scary! I’m not going to recap everything she said- most of you follow Query Shark as it is. (And if you don’t, you should!) Here’s her formula for a hook.

Start with your character’s name and tell what choice they have to make.

Easy peasy, right? (Okay, we all know writing queries isn’t exactly easy.) But really, that’s pretty straightforward.

What about you? Do you like or loathe queries? Any advice you’d like to share on writing those oh so important letters?

Also, Carolyn Schriber is celebrating the release of her novel Beyond All Price. There are nifty workshops and sorts of cool info- yours truly might have done a little interview. Check it out!