Pompeii is flashy when it comes to ancient Roman sites, but I’ve always liked Herculaneum more. I went there two years ago and enjoyed the quiet streets of the former seaside town, also destroyed when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79AD.

According to The History Blog, you can now see more of Herculaneum. The Decumanus Maximus, Herculaneum’s main thoroughfare, has now been reopened after 20 years of being closed for maintenance. This is a huge contrast to Pompeii, which was basically falling apart last year as buildings collapsed.

*shakes fist at Italian government*

And because I can’t find my pictures from Herculaneum, here’s some of my favorite pics from Rome.

Best angry eyes ever! Can you tell someone was tired of looking at really old stuff? Why hang out in the Coliseum when you could be chasing alley cats?