All of us want to walk into Barnes and Noble one day and see our books sitting on the shelves, hopefully with a display to rival that of Twilight and New Moon.

One of my motivating factors for a lot in life is that I just want to make an impact. I quit my job slaving away at a department store because I simply couldn’t sell another tube of lipstick or I was going to go completely banana bonkers. So now I teach kids, something I think makes an impact.

But I also want to leave my mark, some tangible evidence after I die that I was here. And if I can get a book published then I know that five hundred years from now, someone will be able to walk into the Library of Congress and hold my book in their hands. Provided the Library of Congress is still there, of course. My novel is no Gilgamesh, but there’s something heady about being linked in even the slightest way to authors like Plato and Dante.

Of course, I also think it would be cool if HBO turned HATSHEPSUT: FEMALE PHARAOH into their next mini-series.

So what are your grand schemes, your highest hopes for your novel? And I’m talking high here, people. Reach for the stars!