It’s amazing how you can edit the same passage a kazillion times, but when you go back and read it one more time you find more glaring errors. I’ve been pondering the ending of my WIP (already written, but there’s something missing) and going through the first few chapters nitpicking.

There are a lot of search and destroy words that are only now jumping out at me.


It was apparent.

I can’t remember the others. But they’re out there. But instead of this being a painful process, my twisted cerebellum has turned it into a ridiculous little game. Each time I find one of those sneaky words or phrases I get this little twinge of demonic glee, like I’ve secretly discovered some pesky little bug and smashed it to smithereens.

Actually, I try to release most bugs into the great outdoors, but if I were into bug-smashing that’s how I’d imaging it might feel. Like when I was kid. I liked to smash bugs then.

But I digress.

With the right mindset editing can be fun!