I’m hoping everyone can use a little giggle today. For your reading pleasure, I present my very own Student Bloopers!

1. Last year, I was grading my students’ tests on Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. One of the questions asked them to identify ziggurats. Under the “what” portion, one of my brightest students wrote that they are temples of worship and regurgitation centers.

Hehehe… I think she meant redistribution centers.

2. While grading tests on ancient Rome I came across this gem…

“During the Pax Romana the Romans built a lot of things like the Coliseum and aqua ducks.”

I just picture lots of little blue rubber duckies floating atop the aqueducts.

3. Another good one, thankfully from a different student’s paper…

“After Caesar died, there were some crazy emperors. Like Caligula- he put his whores in the Senate.”

Whoops! I guess next time I’ll need to enunciate HORSE instead of whores.