Okay, so here’s the big reveal for which of the seven “facts” about me yesterday was a bold-faced lie.

1. I’ve done Arnold Schwarzenegger’s makeup. TRUE! He came up for the Special Olympics as MC quite a few years back and I had volunteered to do makeup for the performers. Arnold wanted some powder and brow tint to hide the grey in his five o’clock shadow.

2. I’ve played with dead people. TRUE! I did some work on bones (and some mummified remains) for the start of my first Master’s. (Which I never finished.

3. I’ve climbed Mt. McKinley. (Or Denali, if you’re from my neck of the woods.) Are you kidding me?! LIE! I’m impressed that so many of you think me capable of climbing the tallest mountain in North American though. That sucker is 20,320 feet tall!

4. I’m married to the most wonderful, patient man in the world. TRUE! Awww…

5. My daughter almost killed me once resulting in hospitalization and multiple blood transfusions. TRUE! The little monkey tried to take me out when she was born. I hemorrhaged. Bad.

6. I’ve traveled to the Czech Republic, Italy, England, Ireland, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, Jordan, France, Costa Rica, Panama, Bermuda, and Aruba. TRUE! What can I say? I like to travel! In fact, I’m heading to Mexico next week. Yay!

7. I met First Lady Laura Bush after being nominated as Alaska’s U.S. History Teacher of the Year. TRUE! It was cool- they even flew me to NYC for the conference and ceremony!

So there you have it! I hope everyone has a splendiferous weekend!