Yes, I plagiarized this from Bane. And he copied it from Matt. (We might be lazy. Maybe.) But this version has new nicknames!

A little over a week ago, Matt (a.k.a. The Mad Scientist) and L.T. Host (a.k.a. Wallaby Woman) were having one of their semi-regular pow-wows about story development and they developed the idea of putting together a team blog.

So they graciously invited Bane (a.k.a. Mr. Sarcastic) and me (a.k.a., the Egyptian Supreme Dictator), and the four of us decided to set up The Secret Archives of the Alliterati. The official launch date is Monday, March 15, but we’re announcing it now because we need guest bloggers.

Monday through Thursday, one of us will take the reins and offer up some etherly goodness. However, we need fellow bloggers willing to take up the mantle one day a week as either semi-regular or one-off guest bloggers.

Shoot an email to us at if you’re interested in either a one-off spot or a semi-regular feature. One of us will make sure to respond to all offers/inquiries/emails about random cute animals (maybe not the last one, but you never know).

And then wait for the week of March 15 (yes, that most certainly is The Ides of March!), where we will visit the awesomeness of The Secret Archives of the Alliterati on the world. You know you’ll love it.

So, what do you think our nicknames should be? I’ve always wanted a gangster name and this might be my only opportunity. And you know Matt, L.T., and Bane want gangster names too!