A rather large and exciting package was delivered yesterday while I was running on the treadmill. (And what a good excuse to stop running like a rat on a wheel!)

Let there be much rejoicing throughout the kingdom! (Or at least my house.)

To celebrate, I’ll be giving these away to lucky readers over the next few weeks. The first giveaway starts now and features a bit of shameless self-promotion… 

I’ve been on Facebook for a while, but now I have a shiny new author page. It feels a bit lonely over there, so if you’d like a chance to win an ARC (or just want to make me feel friended), then head over and “Like” the new page. I’ll choose a winner on Thursday from everyone on the list and that lucky person will get one of the first ARC’s, hot off the press! (And remember, ARC’s are uncorrected proofs, so there are a handful of typos along the way. Really, doesn’t that just make things more fun?)

And there will be more giveaways in weeks to come! Hurray!