I’m pretty much obsessed with history. My favorite eras would be ancient Egypt (obviously), Tudor & Stuart England, and probably the American Civil War.

My favorite historical figures?

1. Hatshepsut. As if you didn’t know that. 🙂
2. Theodore Roosevelt. I’d stalk him if he wasn’t dead. Or at least be his groupie. Yeah, I could totally be TR’s groupie.
3. Henry VIII. This guy fascinates me despite my feminist leanings. I mean, what kind of guy does the things he did to his wives, all for a son? And I like Anne Boleyn too- I think she’s gotten a bad rap.

There are scores of other people in history that I find intriguing- Abraham Lincoln, Caligula, Cleopatra VIII, Pope Joan, and Boudica all come to mind.

Now, I know not everyone loves history (although for the life me I can’t fathom why not!), but humor me here. Who do you think is a nifty historical person? Who from history would you want to read a book about?