This winter was rough. 

(Why am I talking about winter in May, you ask? Because I still have snow in my yard and it snowed again two days ago.)

Begone winter!

The monkey in the back yard a couple weeks ago.

Anchorage did break the seasonal snow record this year with 133.6 inches of snow. (I almost wrote feet–sometimes it felt like that!) We also had a month of sub-zero temperatures and five nasty windstorms (clocked 120 miles an hour at my house–felt like I was in a war zone).

However, despite the residual snow flurries, spring is springing. A frost late week munched most of my daffodils, but look what opened today in all its sunny glory. 

You have no idea how happy this makes me.

And for the first time ever, I’m really starting a new WIP during spring. It’s making me feel all excited and hopeful. 

May spring put a little extra bounce in your writing too!