Your novel has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for twelve weeks now and HBO just called- they want to make your book(s) into a miniseries. It’s going to win a lot of awards. Like a lot, a lot.

You could kick back and retire to your beach house, but you are driven to write another riveting tale, one that Steven Spielberg will kiss your feet to produce. With all your money you’ve decided to take a trip to do research for you next novel (after donating a sizable chunk to the charity of your choice and paying off all your bills). So you contact Laure Martone, today’s featured blogger and travel guru, and get her advice on your dream locale.

I would take a trip to Angkor Wat. I have this story idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a year now, but I only know the ending. It might take place in Tikal (where I got the inspiration), but it might take place in Cambodia. It needs ancient ruins from a civilization we know little about- a mysterious setting to capture the essence of the story.

And it helps to have monkeys. I like monkeys.

So, I’m going to Cambodia with my new-found riches. Where are you going?