WARNING: This post is a result of too much grading before Spring Break and my brain working to detox from intense lessons on the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide. I’m slightly unhinged.

Beavers are cool.

The little critters (actually not so big– I once mistook one for a bear. I’m a cool Alaskan like that) swim around, chopping down trees with their oversized incisors. Now, I’m no beaver, nor have I ever spoken with one (thank goodness or we’d really have issues), but I would imagine that there are times when munching on hardwoods gets to be rather painful. Not to mention the splinters in your gums.

However, those hardworking beavers keep right on trekking. You never see a beaver lazing about. Heck, they’re not known as busy beavers for nothing.

And I’ll bet it never occurs to those guys to stop building dams and dens because maybe no one will want their cool new lakeside property. Heck no! They just keep plugging away. And it works. I’ve never seen a beaver all by himself- the guy (or gal) who builds the dam perseveres, meets some nice beaver friends, and they all hang out and have a great time at the new beaver resort.

Until they run out of trees. But that’s kind of irrelevant.

So what is the point of all this beaver mumbo jumbo?

#1- I like beavers.
#2- Beavers work hard, like writers. We can’t stop writing. We work our tails off (beavers get to keep theirs) to write the most perfect book we can. Then we put our hearts out there to query the baby we created, never really thinking that not everyone is going to fall in love with it. We’re all going to be the next Stephen King, darn it!
#3- Beavers are smart. In the end, everything works out. The beavers have a party. Writers get published and get to see their book on the shelf at Barnes & Noble.
#4- Writers are like beavers. (Just in case you missed that.)

Yeah. That’s all I’ve got for you today. Yay for beavers and other rodentia-like animals!